Zortrax Inventure


  • Everything you need in one box

    The Zortrax Inventure is equipped with
    everything you need to start your work:

    - Z-SUITE software
    - Z-ULTRAT Plus cartridge
    - Z-SUPPORT cartridge
    - Detailed print due to DSS
    - Zortrax Inventure is equipped with a quick and easy-to-use support removal system based on ultrasonic station and support material that dissolves in a water-based fluid. With the Dissolvable Support System (DSS) you can print intricate pieces with complex moving mechanisms in one print. Just place your printed object into the fluid for a few hours and watch the support disappear completely, leaving a smooth shape print without any unwanted remains. Time-saving and hands-free.
    - Starter Kit with useful tools
    - Durability & ease
    - With Zortrax Inventure and Z-ULTRAT Plus you can print professional prototypes of exceptional durability
  • See specifications image
  • Coming soon!

Type: 3D Printer

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