ZMorph VX


Building on the award-winning ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer, the new Zmorph VX is one of the most advanced desktop rapid prototyping devices on the market with interchangeable toolheads enabling one and two material 3D printing, CNC milling & cutting, and thick paste extruding.

The new ZMorph VX is the most versatile and practical multitool 3D printer that you can put on a desk. With multiple fabrication methods and dozens of supported materials, ZMorph is designed to be your workhorse, a versatile object making machine and problem solver.

Easy to use, right out of the box. Autocalibration available right from the touchscreen panel, completely revamped Voxelizer software and workflow switching system designed to interchange toolheads in under a minute. Going from 3D printing to CNC couldn't be easier.

Multiple materials. ZMorph's multitool capability allows for use of over 30 types of material. Beyond 3D printing standards - ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon - the VX can work with wood, machining wax, EVA foam, MDF, and many more.

Two-material 3D printing that keeps you ahead of the game. The redesigned Dual Pro Toolhead enables selective two-material 3D printing, color blending, image mapping, printing with PVA water soluble support.

Improved interface. Every aspect of the LCD touchscreen interface has been completely redesigned, and combined with firmware improvements to further improve product operation and reliability, and allowing for control without requiring a tether to a PC.

Meet the new Voxelizer, Zmorph's all-in one software. Control all Zmorph functionalities with one software. Optimize your models with 3D filters. Make unprintable things printable thanks to smart support structures. Create stunning prints with advanced multi-material algorithms like image mapping. Voxelizer gives you and your ZMorph outstanding possibilities.

Type: 3D Printer

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