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Are you looking for the perfect 3D printer to explore 3D printing with your children or students? Are you searching for a 3D printer to create small projects or toys around the house? Introducing the MagiCube 3D printer – a true Plug n’ Play 3D printer that’s leading the charge to bring 3D printing into the home.

The MagiCube 3D printer comes with a fully integrated design software and display where you can design projects to print, as well as a automatic levelling system to ensure you start off perfectly every time. The MagiCube 3D printer also has built in memory, an LCD display, and offline printing capabilities, and is the perfect printer for families that want to teach children about shapes and the magic of 3D printing.

Each printer comes with a start up kit that includes a roll of filament, maintenance kit, and sample prints to get you going.

Some of the MagiCube features include:

  • Built-in memory, off-line printing available
  • Automatic levelling system
  • High performance patented extruder
  • Online education 3D printing platform
  • Offline 3D printing platform
  • Highly stable printer for consistent prints
  • High stability and precision

Type: 3D Printer

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