Unique 3D Scanner

Unique 3D

  • Unique Handheld Scanner helps you to acquire 3D data, seamlessly.
    1. Ability to scan large objects
    2. High precision, high density, high speed, & full color scanning secure quality scanning data
    3. Matched data processing software with self-intellectual property right
    4. Easy to use & convenient operation
    5. Scanning data is able to be exported as .STL, .PLY, .OBJ, .VRML, etc with the capacity of being converted to other software such as Pro/e, Auto CAD, etc.
  • 1. Higher Version of Firmware and Scanning Device to secure Higher Fidelity of scanning effect, especially on scanning Human Statue's Face, Hair etc.
    2. Both Windows and Mac workstation compatibility.
    3. Scanning Type: Laser
    4. Align Type: Auto
    5. Operating Specification: minimum of 0.35m and maximum of 3m
    6. Measurement Accuracy: @0.5 XY: 0.9mm; Depth @0.5: 1mm
    7. Shooting Range: Minimum of 0.2x0.2x0.2mm, Maximum of 3x3x3m
    8. Depth Image Size: 640x480 pixel (VGA)

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