Type A Machines Adaptive Auto-Leveling + Buildtak System Bundle

Type A Machines

2-4 Week Lead time.

Pair this bundle with your existing Series 1 or Series 1 Pro 3D printer to bring Adaptive Auto-Leveling to your printer.

The Series 1’s new Adaptive-Auto-Leveling calibrates using a high-quality induction sensor and corrects for any build surface misalignment during print time. Unlike other active self-leveling methods which inherently compromise the geometry of the resulting print, Type A Machines’ Adaptive Auto-Leveling relies on real-time error correction to ensure prints are square and true to the build surface, leaving your print geometrically uncompromised while making 3D printing significantly easier and more reliable.

This bundle provides the following benefits:
1- Auto-Leveling eliminates need to manually level build surface.
2- BuildTak surface eliminates need to apply glue, or tape to your build surface.
3- Magnetic FlexPlate enables the easy removal of printed parts.

The new Series 1 Pro with Adaptive Auto-Leveling, combined with BuildTak’s superior print adhesion properties, provides users with unparalleled ease of printing - enabling continuous, out-of-the-box calibration, eliminating the need to manually level the platform or worry about adhesion.

Note: This upgrade REQUIRES a Firmware update.

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