Octave Borosilicate glass for Afinia and UP 3D Printers


Can be used with our Kapton Tape, Purple Glue or Blue Painters Tape for a professional print surface.

Advanced users of Afinia and UP printers really appreciate the ability to print models without raft and with a base that has a very smooth mirror-like finish.

  • Borosilicate is a very high temperature glass.  It has a melt temperature of about 800° C.
  • It has a very low thermal expansion coefficient.
  • Resistant to thermal shock compared to regular glass.
  • Has an extremely flat surface.
  • Used instead of perf board on Afinia and UP printers.
  • Can be used with purple glue, Kapton tape or Blue Painters Tape (available separately).
  • Prepare a second plate and quickly switch plates when a model finishes printing.  This significantly reduces printer idle time between prints.
  • Reduces warping, however platform has to be properly leveled as is the case with any platform on a 3D printer.
  • 5.5” x 5.5” x  0.08” (140mm x 140mm x 2mm).

Octave’s Borosilicate glass plates are specially manufactured for use as print platforms on Afinia and UP 3D Printers.  The plates have smooth ground edges for safer use and ease of handling.

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