NinjaTek NinjaFlex earned its name due to its surprising qualities of strength and flexibility. This unique thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material produces objects that have have elastic properties. NinjaFlex, whose final products have a resistance to abrasion and stretch, is BPA and toxin-free, making it great for projects like molded parts and seals. It can also be used to make low temperature gaskets and covers, as well as phone cases and toys. NinjaFlex is compatible with any Series 1 3D printer with a G2 Extruder. (All Machines sold after July 2014 include the G2 Extruder)

NinjaFlex is available in the following colors: snow, midnight, gold, silver, concrete, fire, sapphire, and mocha.


  • 1.75 mm diameter
  • 500 G spool
  • Filament hardness: 85A
  • Heated bed not required

Note: A desiccant is recommended.

Type: filament

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