MakerGear M3 Independent Dual



Precise linear motion. Linear rails and bearings on independent X and Y axes mean smooth, true linear motion for precise prints. All moving parts move with respect to precision CNC machined cast aluminum components.

Directed cooling. Minimize air friction and maximize cooling distribution with the M3’s all-new, powerful cooling system.

Dimensional accuracy. The reason MakerGear has been awarded best in class, year after year. The M3 delivers outstanding print quality and dimensional accuracy. Achieve 0.02 - 0.35 mm (20 - 350 μm) resolution on external features, as well as on holes and internal features.

True-leveling. The proof is in the leveling. Do away with the irregularities of “auto-leveling”, and enjoy the simplicity of a machine that is easy to properly level, and stays level. MakerGear’s True-Leveling integrates hardware, software, and firmware controls that ensure precision, reliability, and truly linear performance for months at a time.

Rock solid construction. Quality starts with stability. Our powder coated 11 gauge steel frame provides superior rigidity compared to the acrylic or lighter gauge frames on the market. That means alignment for the long-haul. Combined with its precision-machined components, M3 is the embodiment of stability and performance.

Wireless control. Control and monitor your printer from anywhere. The M3 offers built-in wifi connectivity, touchscreen control capability, and an integrated user interface, offering total control straight from your favorite device.

Software to suit you. The MakerGear M3 is compatible with many open-source and commercially available modeling, slicing, and printer control software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Type: 3D Printer

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