Airwolf 3D ABS Start-up Bundle for HD Series Printers

Airwolf 3D

The all-new ABS Start Bundle is here! The key to successful 3D prints is good quality material, and with Airwolf 3D’s new line of Platinum ABS filament, high quality is no exception. We test each batch of filament ourselves to ensure high standards, absolute top quality and consistent diameter. 2.2lb. spool is compatible with Airwolf models: AW3D HD, AW3D XL and AW3D 5.5 Desktop 3D Printers.

The Airwolf ABS Start-up Bundle includes all the products for beginners and/or advanced users along with a 10% discount on the bundle pricing.

If you are asking yourself if the bundle is for you, then the answer is YES! So bundle up and save, today!

What's Included:
- Two 2 pound ABS spools
- Two pieces of glass
- Two .35 Nozzles
- A bottle of Wolfbite
- An STL file

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