Airwheel Q1


  • The perfect entry-level Q Series Air Wheel.
    Q1 is certainly not to be confused. It might be the entry level Q series Air Wheel, but the Q1 still boasts some fantastic features and capabilities. The lightest twin wheel electric twin wheeled Air Wheel at 10.5Kg, the Q1 can achieve a fantastic 9-13 miles on a single battery charge. Fantastic for all users, of all shapes, sizes and ages. The 2 wheels positioned next to each other, functioning as one, gives the user a much greater surface area on the ground and is therefore easier to ride.

    Q1 is fun, practical and portable.
    • 800 watt motor
    • 9-13 miles distance
    • 12 mph speed
    • 10.5kg weight
    • Waterproof
    • Charge time 1.5 hours
  • Coming soon!

Type: transport

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