Ultimaker Original+


This enhanced version of the Ultimaker Original adds an extra DIY touch to the 3D printing experience.

Build knowledge while building your printer. DIY-kit allows the user to gain more understanding of how the printer functions, building the knowledge needed for any future upgrades or replacements before the first print has even been completed.

Not your average kit. Even though assembly is required, you can still expect the same phenomenal quality and speed as the assembled Ultimaker 2. Industry leading specifications like layer resolutions as fine as 20 microns and extrusion speeds up to 300mm/s yield high-quality prints.

Hot off the bed. The Original+ now includes a heated bed for smoother bottom layers, better adhesion, and ABS printing. Other included improvements are the UltiController user interface system, enhanced electronics for better temperature control, and a redesigned fan cap and feeder wheel for added safety.

Affordable and reliable. Replacement parts are available at a low cost. The reliable Original+ is low maintenance, and parts are easily interchangeable.

Tinker, share, and enhance. Open source files are available in the Ultimaker knowledge base. This encourages users to experiment, share ideas and knowledge, and work together to continue pushing the limits of what is possible.

Type: 3D Printer

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