Octave 3D Printer Tool Kit B


3 versatile cutting and handling tools for 3D Printer

3D Printer tools Used with Afinia, Reprap, MakerBot, UP, PrintrBot, MakerGear, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, and other 3D printers

Gate Cutters

  • High quality steel
  • Spring action
  • Sharp edge for neat model trimming
  • 5.25” (13.3cm)

Angled Long Nose Pliers

  • High quality steel
  • Spring action
  • Makes model raft and support removal easy
  • 5.12” (13.0cm)

Precision Tweezers

  • Fine sharp point
  • High quality steel
  • Aids in model cleanup
  • 5 .25” (13.3cm)


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