Artec Spider

Artec 3D

  • Artec Spider
    A go-to tool for CAD users and inventors of any kind, Artec Spider effectively captures the most intricate details of small objects with amazing accuracy, offering almost unlimited possibilities in reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing, and a great deal of other spheres.

    Artec Space Spider
    Drawing on the best features of Artec Spider, this upgraded handheld 3D scanner is one step ahead of the competition – originally developed to work in space, it features an enhanced cooling system, which enables it to reach optimal operating temperatures and achieve maximum accuracy much faster. Like Artec Spider, Artec Space Spider scans small objects quickly, in high resolution and brilliant color.

    Perfect for CAD
    When quality can’t be compromised, your best options are Artec Spider and Space Spider. Delivering the accuracy of up to 50 microns and resolution of up to 100 microns, both scanners render elaborate curves, sharp edges and thin ribs most faithfully to the original.

    Perfect for Quality Control
    Keep product quality up to industry standards with Artec scanners. Incredible precision, high accuracy and multiple measurement tools enable you to meet the most rigorous requirements for quality, eliminating manufacturing errors.

    Perfect for CG
    Capturing color information at 24 bpp and with the resolution of 1.3 mp, Artec scanners boast unparalleled detailing, which helps artists and animators create realistic CG scenes.
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