Airwolf 3D Axiom & Axiome Build Plate Tape for PLA (5 Pieces)

Airwolf 3D

Why AXIOM and AXIOMe Build Plate Tape for PLA (5 pieces)?

Airwolf 3D has added a new product to its ever-growing line of high-quality 3D printer accessories.

Tired of coating your build plate with strips of cheap blue tape? Save that trip to the hardware store and order everything you need for PLA printing from Airwolf 3D. The engineers at Airwolf 3D have tested this new red tape extensively on all types of prints (even without heat), and have had great results. One pack of Build Plate Tape contains 5 pieces, which will last for several print jobs. Each piece is measured at 9.60" x 13.50" inches (244mm x 343mm), and will cover the entire piece of ceramic glass plate.

Airwolf 3D knows that time can be an enemy in a shop where fast prototyping is important. No more messing around with strips of tape to coat your bed. The Airwolf 3D Build Plate Tape will make your job a little easier, and will also provide you with excellent adhesion to the bed with Airwolf 3D’s high quality Platinum Series PLA filament.

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