by Raymond Dipasupil June 21, 2016

3D printing technology enables a new way of experiencing reality for the visually impaired

Many of us aren’t aware of the limits faced by the visually impaired people on their everyday basis. Unable to get a physical insight to the past, they “live only in the present”. All they can embrace is now as without being able to see the photos and bring out the recollections from the moments of their life and past, their memories are due to fade more easily.

Thanks to the 3D printing technology the year 2016 has definitely more in store for Miki and Domenico, a couple from Como in Italy. That’s mainly because the couple of a visually impaired girl and her musician boyfriend were given the new and surprising way to experience the reality. It all started with a simple dream, Miki wished she could see the face of her boyfriend when he was a little boy. Domenico promised himself to find a way to make Miki’s dream come true. The help came from Alberto Canali – owner of 3DP s.r.l and from the artist and digital sculptor – Simone Rasetti who had a chance to cooperate with Zortrax in the past. Rasetti basing on the photo provided by Domenico, started to reconstruct the face of a 5- month old Domenico. Rasetti easily exported his design to the Z-SUITE slicing software and prepared the model for the 3D printing process on Zortrax M200. Then he turned the 3D printer on and after a few hours the design was removed from the platform and ready to give it to Miki.

The story of Domenico and Miki shows us that 3D printing technology, combined with creativity can simply make the magical moments happen.

Raymond Dipasupil
Raymond Dipasupil


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