by Harold Sorto October 20, 2016

The Starter Kit

The kit includes a 12 meter high BIG DELTA 3D printer that is able to 3D print houses. It also includes a Delta Wasp 3MT. This is a multi-tool printer that can make anything from vertical gardens and tableware to furniture. Other items you will find in the kit include systems for cutting and recycling, and for modifying materials that can be extruded.

WASP‘s aim is to create micro independent communities, born and developed out of the community’s knowledge thanks to advanced self-producing systems. WASP (which stands for World’s Advanced Saving Project) will begin with building a community on a 400 m2 area using the Starter Kit. The kit is designed so it can easily be shipped anywhere in the world and with little assembly function as a tool to create a sustainable community.

The Purpose

The Starter Kit is designed so it can use local materials and recycled materials (ánd conventional building material) to build residents on site. All the information needed (tutorials, guides, etc) to install a full kit will be available online for free. The house project along with its content is open source and allows project-managers, designers, engineers, architects and enthusiasts to take information from and add ideas to the project.

WASP’s CEO Massimo Moretti about the project:

"Our aim is to create micro-indipendent communities born and developed on the common Knowledge thanks to advanced self-production systems, reachable from everyone. With 3D printing as the producing process we can realize a no-debt house. A house which offers more freedom to people. A dynamic house, able to create economy instead of using it up. A residential unit with no costs of production, able to answer to primary human needs: house, food, energy, health, job, culture. It can be helpful in humanitarian emergency situations caused by economical or political crisis, or natural disasters. An instrument useful to humanitarian organizations, civil protection, National or International Institutions to easily operate in poor areas or difficult situations."


Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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