by Patrick Vicente November 27, 2017

The Changsha University of Technology (CUST), in cooperation with China-based company Farsoon Technologies, is developing a race car for the Chinese University Student’s Formula Race Car Competition.

Farsoon Technologies is no stranger to the competition, as it has also sponsored the 2014 winning team, Hunan University

Farsoon race car component

3D printing technology has completely changed the development process of college students formula racing. 3D printing racing parts can meet the needs of personalized customization, not only to ensure that parts are assembled precisely and quickly, but they can also be used to ensure the effectiveness of key functions,” said Xiang Xiang, associate professor of the CUST formula race car racing team.

Called the FNX-17, the CUST team car boasts of 41 high-strength, lightweight parts created with Farsoon’s 3D printing technology. Some of the 3D printed parts include the intake assembly, steering control and column, and rocker. 

Front and rear hub

Using both strong metals and polymers resulted in a seamless body design that made the FNX-17 both stiff and lightweight at just 225 kilograms, helping it reach a maximum speed of 140 km/hour! Goes to show how 3D printing is helping revolutionize the manufacturing industry as we know it.


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Patrick Vicente
Patrick Vicente


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