by Harold Sorto January 13, 2017

Students from the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands have been working on a fully 3D printed Rocket. During their courses, they used the school's Ultimaker 3D printers to design, print and put together a launch worthy rocket.

 Martin Kampinga, a professor at the school said that "everything we teach we try to apply in practice as well". Before actually launching the fully 3D printed rocket they have successfully launch and land two rockets made out of carbon fiber and 3D printed parts.  

The students also have to rethink the process of constructing a rocket over. They have to spend time learning how 3D printers work and how they could use them to produce parts for their rockets. Their professors believe that this assignment will get them to ask the right questions. 

3D printing is become a part of education and it is being used to help students learn more about what they are being taught. 

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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