by Harold Sorto October 11, 2016

Jos Burger, Ultimakers CEO, wrote about the future of 3D printing and how the industry is changing for the better.  He begins by stating that as the CEO of a 3D printer manufacturer he was a unique view and insight on the evolving market. Burger also shares that he believes that 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the industry.

According to Burger 3D Printing is an industry that has been growing during the past years and is now maturing. That more companies have a reason to adopt and use the technology because they know that it could change their businesses. 3D printing has moved past prototyping and that now it serves as a different way to make tools and manufacture customs goods.

He shares that Ultimaker contacts users in education, automotive, and engineering companies like Google Apple and MIT to understand how they use Ultimaker 3D printers.  They've learned that desktop 3D printers are being used for different types of applications and that the prints are on par with industrial 3D printers, at a lower cost.

Burger adds that the appeal of 3D Printing is growing and that more companies are becoming interested in the technology. He also states that 3D printing could be a valuable tool for start-ups and entrepreneurs because it allows them to test a new product without having to make a large investment.

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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