by Harold Sorto August 12, 2016

Uga a disabled turtle is able to walk again thanks to a Zortrax M200, Veterinarians, and the Internet. The turtle was taken to a veterinary clinic after being found with injured back legs. The doctors and clinic personnel were able to save one leg but had to amputate the other.

Uga was then placed under the care of Dr. Furretto who contacted Massimo Montrassi the owner of Roma Stampa 3D, a 3D printing hub. Montrassi measured Uga's shell and made a cast out of vaseline and gypsum.

He then designed and printed prosthetic prototypes until he completed one that would help Uga walk. The final version of the prosthesis was printed in black and it includes two wheels on opposite sides in order to help Uga walk. It also includes two neodymium magnets for easy disassembly.

Final Version of Uga's Prosthesis

3D Printing is being used to help people and animals lead normal lives through the production of prostheses. 

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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