by Harold Sorto January 10, 2017

Another year and another CES is in the books with an incredible range of consumer products and technology. In the 3D Printing Industry, there was a lot of talk about 3D printed Violins, Accessible Metal 3D Printing, and more. 

Here is a list of top stories from Las Vegas:

Polaroid ModelSmart 3D Printer

Photo by Darren Quick, From: Newsatlas

Polaroid makes its way into the 3D Printing Picture 

At CES Polaroid surprisingly announced that they were going to be involved with 3D printing. During the event, they presented their affordable single extruder ModelSmart 25OS 3D printer, along with their own filament.

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Blade 3D Printed Car by Divergent3D

Photo via Divergent

Divergent Showcases 3D Printed Car and Motorcycle

Divergent displayed a car and a motorcycle that were produced with 3D printed parts. The Blade and Dagger were made through a new sustainable building process that combines 3D printed nodes and printed carbon fiber.

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KD-1 Smart Golf Club

Photo via CRP and Krone Golf

Become a Better Golfer with the KD-1: The Smart 3D Printed Golf Club

The KD-1 is a smart golf club that was developed by CRP and Krone Golf. It is made with 3d printed parts and it helps improve a users swing through an integrated 9-axis motion sensor and launch monitor/professional instructor software. 

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3DVarius Electric Violin

Photo by 3DVarius

3DVarius: The 3D Printed Electric Violin

The 3Dvarius was on display at CES and it took 24 hours to print 30,000 layers in one piece. It's based on a real Stradivarius Violin and it's creators want it to reach a larger audience. 

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Sculpteo Bike Project

Photo via Sculpteo

Take a Ride on Sculpteo's 3D Printed Bike Project

Sculpteo gained the interest of CES's attendees with their 3D printed bicycle project, which was made through 3D printing, Laser Cutting, and metal 3D printing. Journalists and guests were able to ride the 3D printed stationary bike before its 1000km trip.

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Airwolf HydroFill

Photo via Airwolf3D

Easily Remove Supports with Airwolf's Amazing Hydrofill 

Sometimes supports are the worst part of 3D printing since they are really hard to remove. Thankfully Airwolf3D introduced Hydrofill, support material that is removed with a bit of water.

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Fuel3D 360 Scanner

Photo via Fuel3D

Fuel3D Revealed Two New 3D Scanners 

At CES Fuel3D unveiled a high-resolution desktop scanner and their fast 360-degree 3D scanner. The 360-degree scanner is easy to move around and transport, making the 3D scanning process quicker. While the desktop scanner can capture different human features, shapes, and colors. 

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Metal X 3D Printed Components

Photo via Markforged

Markforged Made 3D Metal Printing More Accessible with the Metal X Printer

3D metal printing used to require an expensive printer and materials, but that seems to be changing with the Metal X Printer. At CES Markforged presented a desktop 3D metal printer that could very well change 3D printing as we know it. 

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Nano Dimension's Dragonfly 2020

Photo via NanoDimension

NanoDimension Electrified CES with their Dragonfly 2020 3D Printer 

Nano Dimension wowed attendees with the Dragonfly 2020 3D printer, which allows for electronic 3D printing on different surfaces. They showed off circuits printed on glass, cans, PET, aluminum and other different types of materials. 

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Monoprice's New 3D Printers


Photo via Monoprice/Hackaday

Monoprice Revealed More Affordable 3D Printers, Including An SLA Printer

At this year's CES Monoprice added more 3d printers to their growing family of printers. The Select Mini has been updated, they presented a $150 Delta Printer, and an inexpensive SLA printer. In short, Monoprice showed that they are serious about inexpensive 3D printing. 

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ESUN Desktop 3D Scanner

Photo via ESUN 3D+

ESUN 3D+ Unveiled 3 New 3D Scanners 

ESUN 3D+ went to CES with 3 types of 3D scanners, a Facial Scanner, Clothing Scanner, and a Desktop Scanner. ESUN 3D+ appears to be placing itself as a leader in the electronic world of 3D scanning with machines that meet different needs.

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