by Taylor Kim August 08, 2017

What’s cooler than a dancing robot? Maker Vladimir Mariano has created a small gadget called ‘Dancing Springs’, which moves to the music and changes colors. The project is realitively simple, required 3D printed nuts and springs, an Adafruit Circuit Playground board, a servo motor, a 5V battery, some nuts and bolts, and a Neopixel LED ring which provides the groovy mood lighting.

Dancing Springs is a combination fo two 3D projects that Mariano has created before. He has demonstrated a ‘Make your own slinky” project and the “Make your own gears” project.

Using the Circuit Playground board from Adafruit, a servo motor, and a Neopixel Ring to create a beautifully choreographed display of colors and motion. The robot ‘dances’  in response to music. The printed gears is what makes the robot ‘dance’, as shown in the video the 3D printed springs are attached to a gear within the frame. The gears are attached to a servo motor, which rotate when the motor is turned on, causing the springs to rotate. Paired with music and lights, the robot appears to be dancing!

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Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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