by Taylor Kim August 14, 2017


Moving is can be a huge undertaking. However, if you’re a hermit crab your house goes wherever you do, and moving into a new house is as easy as finding a new shell. For humans, it isn’t quite so easy. While we are beginning to look into the development of 3D printed houses, hermit crabs have been moving into them for a few years already.

Artem Ltd, a special effects and design company utilized 3D printing technology to create hermit crab ‘houses’ for the UK housing website  Zoopla.

The ad features hermit crabs examining and moving into 3D printed shells with actual miniature houses on their backs, as you can see below:



Artem utilized Stratasys 3D printing technology, which allowed them to design and produce shells that closely mimicked real shells in both look and feel in order to attract real crabs.

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Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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