by Patrick Vicente April 02, 2018

The upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milano, a world-class furniture and design showcase, is slated to be a hub for all kinds of 3D printed design. One of its main showcase is a series of innovative 3D printed chairs.

Presented by Spanish design group Nagami, the 3D printed chairs were designed in collaboration with renowned designers and design studios, including Zaha Hadid Architects.

The project, entitled “Brave new world: re-thinking design and large-scale robotic 3D printing,” features four avant-garde chair designs.

Rise” and “Bow” by Zaha Hadid Architects were 3D printed using a pellet extrusion robotic printer and are made from a biodegradable PLA material. Their designs are both optimized for function and stimulate a natural blooming structure while integrating color and shape in an innovative way.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Zaha Hadid Architects experimented with 3D printing. At last year’s Milan Design Week, the architecture firm presented its impressive 3D printed “Thallus” structure, and introduced the 3D printed “Zaha Hadid Chair.”

Ross Lovegrove’s “Robotica TM” is a multi-purpose stool that integrates a 360°, mathematically inspired structure. Thanks to the stool’s heat-proof silicone inserts, the piece can also be used as a table for hot dishes.

Peeler” by Daniel Widrig consists of a single PLA-based 3D printed shelled structure. The 3D printed chair reportedly only took a few hours to print. Widrig says the chair not only takes the human sitter’s form into consideration but also the robotic arm that is building it.

The 3D printed seats will all be showcased by Nagami in Milan’s Brera Design District. “We design products that until now were just waiting for the right technology to come to life,” said Manuel Jimenez García, Miki Jimenez García, and Ignacio Viguera Ochoa, Nagami’s founders. “Not only objects that you can hold, but also that you can feel and experience as part of your environment.

The Salone del Mobile will run from April 17 to 22.


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Patrick Vicente
Patrick Vicente


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