by Taylor Kim August 17, 2017


Janne Kyttanen’s ‘Sofa So Good’  creation utilizes the complex, optimized structures found only in nature with his latest creation: a 3D printed lattice structure lounger chair.

Using the 3D Systems ProX 950 super-wide 3D printing system, the chair was made in a single print. The perfect harmony between form and function, the chair is one of many examples

of how 3D printing can reduce material usage, create lighter weight components and free designers to create whatever they can imagine.


The entire piece is coated in high-polish copper and chrome and measures 150 x 75 x 55 centimeters, weighs only 2.5 kilos and was fabricated using just 2.5 liters of material. Each of its 6000 layers measures exactly 0.0099 centimeters thick. The geometric design can hold up to 100 kilograms.

Inspired by nature, the chair design derives from the nature's 3D printers: silkworms and spiders. 

How much material would we be able to save from products and building materials if we could manufacture like this?” asks Janne. “There’s a whole range of benefits we can’t even fathom today.”

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Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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