by Harold Sorto August 19, 2016

As the Rio Olympics is winding down, Studio Fathom explores 3D printing's presence at this year's games. They report that 3D Printers were used to create an assortment of objects for athletes that include shoes, bicycle handlebars, sprinting spikes, and the Rio Olympics logo.

Nike 3D printed shoes that were worn by sprinters and continuously featured during television coverage of the games. While Underarmour printed custom shoes for Michael Phelps that had his son's name printed onto the insoles.

The French cycling team used 3D printed lightweight handlebars during events.And the Rio Olympics logo was printed and given to Olympic medal winners while they stood at the podium. 

*The Rio Olympics serves as an example of how 3d printing is being adapted for use in different types of popular events.

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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