by Patrick Vicente April 11, 2018

With 3D printed dental and medical implants trending nowadays, more affordable removable partial dentures, which do not require invasive surgery, have been gaining much-deserved attention. This is why British company Renishaw, in collaboration with Cardiff University Dental Hospital (CUDH), is developing 3D printed Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) removable partial dentures.

The team is using 3D printing to make the process of producing removable partial dentures more efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, the process hopes to reduce waste and enable easy refinements and iteration.

It starts with the Renishaw DS20 optical scanner creating initial dental scans. Then, a Renishaw AM250 metal 3D printer fabricates the CoCr RPDs. The time-consuming process of using wax to create casts has been entirely replaced by fabrication using the AM250 metal 3D printing systems.

Veering away from traditional casting has led to significant improvements. “The major benefit for CUDH is that they [can] simply send the .STL data to Renishaw for manufacture, and can work on the next job instead of having to work through the highly skilled casting process,” says the case study.

As the additive manufacturing market diversifies, many companies are noting a higher demand for solutions specifically related to dentistry, proving that the industry is a critical market for 3D printing.


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Patrick Vicente
Patrick Vicente


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