by Harold Sorto September 09, 2016

The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) 3D printer has been in the ISS since 2014. It's the second 3D printer to be sent into space but it's the first one to become permanent. The 3D Printer which was built by Made in Space is being used to print tools for the ISS crew and objects for clients on Earth. 

A by-product of 3D printing is the waste that is created by used and unused plastic 3D printing material. NASA and Tethers Unlimited are developing devices that will recycle the waste and make it reusable. Tethers Unlimited's Positrusion Recycler is currently being tested and it may be launched to the ISS next year. 

The recycler will recycle plastic waste produced through 3D printing and even packaging materials, 3D printed parts, and small storage containers. It would turn the material into filament that will then be used by the Refabricator printer to produce new parts for the satellite and the ISS crew.

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Photo by Tethers Unlimited and NASA

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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