by Harold Sorto January 05, 2017

Oxford Performance Materials has been contracted by Boeing to produce 3D printed parts for their Starliner Spacecraft. The CST-100 Spacecraft is planned to launch in 2018.Oxford has been shipping parts to Boeing for them to install onto the Starliner and continue preparation for launch.

The Starliner was developed by Boeing and NASA's Commercial Crew Program. It is expected to transport crew members and cargo to the International Space Station and other Low Orbit destinations. The Boeing Crew Space Transportation (CST) system. Image via Boeing.

Oxford Performance Materials decided to choose Boeing because they were better able to produce lightweight high-performing materials. Boeing stressed that they required a reduction in weight and cost in order to go with another material, instead of Metallic and Composite parts. 

Photos Via Boeing

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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