by Taylor Kim August 09, 2017

Youtube star ‘sexycyborg’ Naomi Wu continues to test the limits of modern day tech and 3D printing. In a recent video, she reveals her 3D bikini. The piece is a custom printed from TPU coated in silicon for extra comfort. The bikini is made up of triangular pieces that cover her breast and bikini area.

However, Wu is more than just a pretty face. Wu is a maker from Shenzhen, China, which is considered the  “Silicon Valley of Hardware”. Aside from being an internet star, Wu is also a web developer and hardware enthusiast. She is one of mainland China’s only female maker hobbyist who has been active since 2015.

Wu states in her blog “I'm well known in my city for my eccentric appearance and dressing a bit crazy,”

“It's just for fun and everyone here loves it since it's only very recently that we've started to have the sort of creative local culture that allows for individual expression like this.. I know it can seem a bit odd by Western standards but it's not disrespectful or frowned upon here... it makes me very happy and I still post lots of tech stuff.”

Recently, Wu decided to make a second version of her 3D printed bikini to not only wear around, but to actually use and wear in the sun, heat, and water.

The two-piece includes a pair of tiny 3D printed bottoms, actually seemed to fair quite well in a video posted by SexyCyborg last week.

Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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