by Harold Sorto October 26, 2016

This blog entry is from our friends at 3DPrintingIndustry, it's written by Michael Petch:

Today Microsoft confirmed rumors earlier reported by 3DPI that they are entering the 3D printing industry. At an event in New York to announce Windows 10, two new software apps were official revealed.

Paint 3D is an updated version of the perennial MS Paint and Remix 3D is an app that allows users to digitally manipulate their designs, with echos of clip art. The apps will be available early next year when the Windows 10 Creators release officially takes place.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “we think that if we can enable the creation of 3D content easily for people that we can unlock a whole new ability for the way that they can create and for the way that they can learn new things.”

The video that accompanies the news shows users primarily working on tablets and using graphics that are relatively basic. A number of the images presented have a decidedly 2D feel about them. However, dotted around the promo spot set are several 3D printed models and at one point a user takes a completed 3D print from a machine.

Just as MS Paint is unlikely to be used by graphic designers, it may at first appear that this updated version will primarily be seen as a novelty, or in some cases as a stepping stone to more professional design tools. Looking at previews of the software and according to promotional material the software will be “a lot more accessible” and without the “giant toolbars” that Microsoft believe deter people from experimenting with 3D design.

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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