by Harold Sorto January 11, 2017

A reason why 3D printing is exciting is because you could print amazing things that different people modeled. Be it a character from your favorite show or toys for a family member. Being able to download objects and print them is just nice.

But wouldn't the ability to model something and print it out be nice as well? If you're interested in getting started with 3D modeling we got you covered.

i.materelize recently interviewed Johnathan Williamson on the basics of 3D modeling.

The interview is kind of long since it's filled with great info. So, read on for a quick summary and a link to the full interview:

3D Modeling Expert Johnathan Willamson starts out saying that 3D modeling is "going to grow as a sought-after skill". He shares that IKEA's catalog is mostly comprised of 3D images, that companies like Facebook are very interested in VR, and that 3D modeling will be needed in architecture, and other fields. He also states that if you're interested with doing more with 3D printing like designing tools or toys, that it all starts with 3D modeling.

Johnathan is asked what would someone need to actually get started with 3D modeling -

He answers that to get started you have to have a passion for computers since you will be spending a large amount of time working on one. And that "interest or passion" are really the only things you need.

More importantly that 3D modeling is "a bit technical", since good spatial awareness can help, also that it requires time, and patience. 

He mentions that the next step "would definitely be software" since most computers do not come with 3D modeling programs. And that modeling software is becoming more about a person's resources and preference. Chiefly that it really doesn't matter which program you use because the majority of them allow users do many things.

He lists Blender, 3ds Max or Maya as programs people use to model, and states that there isn't a huge difference between them in terms of capability.

Johnathan divulges that he believes that "Blender makes a very good choice" for artists and those new to 3D modeling. The main reasons are because it could almost run on any computer, it is built the community that used the program, and that it is a free to use. 

He reccomends that people go to CG Cookie to learn some 3d modeling basics. And that Google is a great place to look for modeling tutorials and information.

In short, 3D modeling is a skill like drawing or writing. It takes a good amount of time and patience to develop. He empasizes that practice and education are really important. That together they will help people interested in 3D modeling learn the skill and become better at it. 

Photo by Johnathan Williamson

Read Full Interview Here

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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