by Harold Sorto August 17, 2016

Have you ever been hungry while waiting for a print to finish? 3D Printers are amazing but printing does require time and patience. Thankfully you may soon be able to 3D print your own meals, or be able to go to a restaurant and eat 3D printed food. 

Food Ink opened the World's First 3D Printing Restaurant in London late last month. They invited Italy's WASP to 3D print porcelain plates and cups that were used during the 3-day event. From July 25th to the 27th guests were able to enjoy 3D printed food on 3D printed plates. During the day the general public was invited to sample the food. And in the evening 10 guests enjoyed an exclusive 9-course dinner that included 3 hors d'oeuvres.

Food Ink will be holding a world tour late this year where more people will be able to enjoy 3D printed food.

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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