by Harold Sorto September 16, 2016

Farming in Myanmar is extremely difficult due to low incomes, bad infrastructure, and lack of access to good tools. In 2004 Proximity Designs was founded in order to support the farmers by manufacturing affordable high-quality farming equipment. But in recent years the company almost had to raise their prices because they had to use metal machining to produce prototypes. 

In 2015 the firm contacted Makerbot and they donated a 3D printer to see if it would have an impact on the engineering challenges present in the fields.

ProximityDesigns continuously interacts wth the farmers to collect feedback on the products they produce before they sell them. After receiving the printer from Makerbot, they took 3D printed parts and spoke to farmers and vendors to understand what was required. 

With a 3D printer at hand, they are able to collect feedback faster, test and repair prototypes, and improve over previous tool designs. The farmers are also able to use and test the printed prototypes and tools in the field.

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Photo Credit: Proximity Designs and Makerbot

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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