by Mitchel Dumlao April 25, 2017

Metal 3D Printing has been around for decades but bringing it to the desktop has been difficult.  Desktop Metal Inc., a Google-backed and $97 million funded company, plans to bring 3D Printing to the office with its two-pronged printing system.  DM's printers can make objects out of hundreds of different alloys including steel, aluminum, titanium and copper. 

DM has developed a new technology called “microwave enhanced sintering.” The 3D printers deposit layers of metal and ceramic powders that are mixed in a soft polymer.  When the part is finished printing, it goes into a furnace where heat burns off the polymer and leaves a metal part.  The pieces created by Desktop Metal machines can be separated by hand, making it much easier and safer than injection molding.

The in-office DM printer will cost about $50,000, and the furnace costing around $60,000, which will all be shipping in September. The production-scale printer starts at $360,000 and will come to market in 2018.

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Picture by Desktop Metal 

Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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