by Taylor Kim August 16, 2017

3D printing will continue to change the way we develop housing the world. Little by little, 3D printed houses and living spaces are becoming a reality. This Urban Cabin is part of the 3D Print Living It Project that was launched by the DUS Architects. The project is focused on the use of 3D printing in creating sustainable and affordable structures in an urban setting.

Measuring only 25 cubic meters, the Urban Cabin makes use of a black “bio-print” material. Developed with the cooperation of DUS Architects and Henkel, a consumer manufacturing company based in the UK. the material is made of mainly linseed oil and can be shredded down to be reused in creating new designs. The floor of the cabin is made of a small amount of concrete, and it can accommodate a twin-sized bed.

The design of the Urban Cabin was created by Martine de Wit, Ivo Toplak, Hans Vermeulen, Martijn van Wijk, Peter Hudac, Inara Nevskaya, Foteini Setaki, and Hedwig Heinsman. It was 3D printed and arranged by Nathalie Swords, Jasper Harlaar, Sven de Haan, Joe Platt, and Ina Cheibas.

The cabin was built  in an area in Amsterdam that was formerly used for industrial purposes. In addition, the cabin also has its own 3D printed outdoor bathtub.

You can even book a stay in the cabin for a short period of time.


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Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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