by Harold Sorto September 23, 2016


3D Printers are normally used to print mono-colored objects that may be prepared and painted later. But Fabbaloo reports that users might be adopting full colored printing to produce livelier objects. 

A reason why mono-color printing is widely used is because the majority of 3D printers could only print using one color filament at a time. During the resurgence of the technology many printers were somewhat limited when it came to printing with different colors. A good amount of users still have to switch between filaments during prints to produce multi-colored objects.

Although as the technology matures and advances color printing is becoming a bit more available. 3D printers that are able to easily print multi-colored objects are being developed and some are available to purchase.  

In their article Fabbaloo makes a case for color 3D printing and why more users should adopt it.

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Photo by Fabbaloo

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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