by Patrick Vicente June 23, 2018

Luxury brand Chanel unveils the world’s first 3D printed mascara brush to be produced on an industrial scale. Chanel Parfums Beauté collaborated with Erpro 3D Factory to increase flexibility and save resources by cutting out expensive, time-consuming molds.

The companies have been working to develop the 3D printed mascara brush for over a decade now, and it has finally paid off with the debut of the Le Révolution Volume mascara.

"Together, we have taken up many technological challenges to push the boundaries of 3D printing and offer a revolutionary product," said Pascale Marciniak-Davoult, Director of Packaging Innovation at Chanel Parfums Beauté.

Erpro, known for large-scale 3D printing, has designed a joint production line with Marciniak-Davoult’s department. The line features six 3D printers, which can produce a total of 50,000 brushes per day.

Chanel has long realized the potential of 3D printing when it filed its first patent in 2007 for manufacturing cosmetic products applicators, including a 3D printed mascara brush. Due to the flexibility brought in by 3D printing to the production process, Chanel was able to manufacture as many prototypes as needed in order to determine the best brush formula.

Large-scale production is expected to begin this month. The process will follow a stringent process consisting of raw material analysis, powder preparation, and cooling, cleaning, and rinsing the brushes. It will then be followed by several mechanical and quality control tests, since the products involved will be applied in the sensitive eye area. Several patent applications protect the process, in which layers of polyamide powder are polymerized using a laser beam to 3D print the mascara brush.

The brush also features a slightly rough, granular surface texture, which improves how the mascara adheres to the lashes. Microcavities at the core and end of the brush are able to store enough mascara so you don’t need to double-dip the brush to get the right amount. A bristle-grid, separated only by a few millimeters of space, ensures intense volume while preventing clumping.

Chanel's Le Révolution Volume mascara brush will be available in Canada in autumn 2018.


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Patrick Vicente
Patrick Vicente


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