by Mitchel Dumlao April 06, 2017

BMW has announced its plan to combine 3D Printing with virtual reality to help reduce costs and speed times during the design process.  Traditionally, BMW would have to manufacture one or several prototypes for each part but with 3D Printing this task is made significantly easier, since now they can additively manufacture one-off prototypes effectively.  With virtual reality, the car manufacturer is hoping to streamline its design and prototyping process even more by developing a VR program (in collaboration with Unreal Engine) that is capable of recreating a variety of different surface finishes and features that are integrated into BMW’s vehicles. Combining this with 3D Printing, the design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes will be much faster and cost-effective.

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Picture by BMW 

Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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