by Harold Sorto February 09, 2017

Arc-Team and WitLab Makerspace are collaborating on ArcheoROV, a small 3D printed robot that explores dangerous underwater areas. Its goal is to collect data from difficult to reach places where people cannot go. 

The ArcheROV Bot is currently being used to explore lakes in Italy's Lagorai. During WWI mines were placed in the lakes which makes it extremely dangerous for divers. Moreover the lakes in the Lagorai Chain may contain objects from ancient settlements. ArcheROV was designed to be able to traverse these areas and search for signs that may point towards new archeological finds.

The little submersible bot is composed was prototyped through 3D printing and contains an Xbox Kinect that allows it to see, as well as a pod that makes navigation possible.

3D Printing Industry covers the ArcheoROV -

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Photo by HelloWitab

Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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