by Patrick Vicente July 25, 2018

eCommerce giant Amazon has recently launched its own brand of 3D printer filaments available for worldwide delivery.

The filaments are part of the AmazonBasics range, placing them in line with common household essentials such as luggage sets, HDMI cables, and light bulbs.

The Amazon-branded filament is available as PETG, PLA, and ABS plastics in a variety of colors. A single spool contains 1kg of material, and is made in standard 1.75 mm diameter.

The spool design features a small window on the front, which allows the user to check how much material is remaining. The material also comes in a resealable storage bag to protect it from damage or contamination.

In 2013, Amazon launched its 3D Printers & Supplies store, selling consumer-grade machines, accessories, and consumables from brands such as eSUN and 3D Prima. The company's quiet engagement to the technology has been gradually revealed through a number of research and development projects since then.

AmazonBasics products are noted to be made in Taiwan and China. A single spool of AmazonBasics filament is priced at $19.99, and a multipack of 5 is available for $79.99 (excluding shipping). Current wait time for the products is listed at 1-3 months.
Full story here. Images via Amazon.

Patrick Vicente
Patrick Vicente


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