by Harold Sorto September 02, 2016

Calramon 3D printed a prosthetic hand for a high school teacher with help from his father and brother. The 9-year old and his two family members like to print and experiment with the objects and gadgets they create. Calramon was inspired to learn about 3D printing by the Disney animated film Big Hero 6, which featured a robotic character who wore 3D printed armor.

He was recently interviewed by 3D Printing Industry and expanded upon the creation of the prosthetic hand. 

During a visit to the local library Calramon and his family were introduced to Enabling The Future by Nick, a local high school teacher.

Enabling The Future is a network of volunteers that use 3D printing to produce prosthetics. Through their online community  e-NABLE they provide free access to prosthetic designs that are able to be modified and printed for people who are missing fingers.

After learning about the network Calramon, his father, and brother decided to challenge themselves and 3D print a prosthetic hand for Nick. The trio modified a design and prototyped the hand at the library. They printed and assembled the final version at their home. When the prosthetic hand was finally completed they delivered it to Nick in person. 

*3D printers are often used to print useful objects like prosthetic hands, arms, and legs. 

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Harold Sorto
Harold Sorto


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