by Taylor Kim August 12, 2017

Alex Czech started off by 3D printing an exoskeleton hand while he was originally working on the idea of developing a universal join. The idea of the joint led to a finger, then  to the hand creation. He isn’t the first 3D maker to dabble in creating exoskeletons, but each creators provides their own unique touch to the piece.


He has released files for his expanded project, which includes the full files for a a 3D printed exoskeleton arm! Czech says he was inspired by the  exoskeleton suit worn by Matt Damon’s character in the science fiction film Elysium.


The arms are a labor of love, and Czech states that the hand alone has 13 unique parts. True to the original exoskeleton hands, the arm parts are also entirely 3D printed except for the screws and metal washers they require. The arms were also 3D printed on Czech’s Up Plus 2, which has a 14 x 15 x 15 cm build area. He makes the 3D design downloadable for $19.67, and states that this new exoskeleton design is the result of hours of test printing.


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Taylor Kim
Taylor Kim


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