by Adrian Aini March 29, 2016

Just when you thought 3D printing couldn't expand to another aspect of life, it did. Thanks to a 3D manufacturing company that specializes in 3D printing using metals the next set of high end silverware you invested in will probably have been 3D printed. the company called Sisma will be showcasing their new 3D printed metal designs in Milan Design in April and Sisma has definitely taken 3D printing to another level.   

The MƎTHESIS event will showcase the new era of metal 3D printing, and will feature metal 3D printed objects from 10 well-respected designers from around the world. In order to showcase the commercial viability of high-end metal 3D printing, the designers were asked to center their work for the event around a new generation of “Objects for the Dinner Table”.

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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