by Adrian Aini March 22, 2016

People around the world love music and most have the same problem with it, uncomfortable headphones and ear buds. Tech companies have spent billions, aka Apple, to revolutionize the ear bud. From trying to implement new ear bud designs to buying promising music tech start-ups, yet costumers are only partly satisfied. Apple redesigned their head phones just a few years ago to create a better music experience for its users and the improvement where definitely needed, but they were not perfect. 

However, thanks to Tymphones, an India bases 3D Tech start-up, the problem of uncomfortable headphones is finally solved. Thanks to 3D scanning product engineers are able to scan your ear and then using that scan create a custom set of ear buds that fit perfectly into your ear, with comfort not  being the only benefit. Thanks to the perfect fit there is less background noise so you do not have to listen to music as loud, protecting yourself from hearing loss. 

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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