by Adrian Aini March 28, 2016

With spring approaching, outdoor allergen and pollution levels will soon be on the rise. Both are common triggers for asthma patients, yet they can be very difficult to predict, never mind avoid or control. French medtech startup, however, has 3D printed a prototype product called Connect’inh: a Bluetooth-connected asthma inhaler that merges both patient and open data to create real-time maps of potential trigger areas, and to help doctors and asthma patients better understand the disease.

Connect’inh was designed and developed by Kappa Sente, a French company specializing in digital solutions for epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology, that is, the study of patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease in defined populations. By making public health a priority, Kappa Santé designs new tools to assist researchers in conducting wide-scale studies to identify risk factors, drug effects, and preventative healthcare measures.

The prototype itself was 3D printed by Apatio, a design and engineering studio specializing in 3D printing smart and connected digital devices. It consists of a 3D printed shell with a soft interior that can fit around prescribed aerosol asthma inhalers. Aptatio used a multimaterial Projet 3D printer capable of printing both rigid and flexible materials to achieve this functional design.

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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