by Adrian Aini March 01, 2016

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Paco Perez is experimenting. The chef has won several Michelin stars for his restaurants. At one of them, La Enoteca at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, he is busy creating a new dish.

He places a plate inside a strange-looking machine that looks a bit like a large microwave oven. He touches the controls, and a few minutes later, removes the plate, which is now decorated with a delicate, flower-like design.

Next he adds more ingredients: caviar, sea-urchins, hollandaise sauce, egg, and a "foam" of carrot.

He calls his creation "Sea Coral". "It's as if we were on the sea floor," he explains. "We see a coral with sea urchins on it - then when we eat, we discover all the profundity of the sea and its iodine flavours".

The centrepiece of the dish, the "coral," is made of a seafood puree in an intricate design that would have been extremely difficult to produce by hand. But it has been piped on to the plate by a new kind of 3D printer.

Mr Perez is delighted with the results and the capabilities of the machine.

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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