by Mitchel Dumlao February 16, 2016

Written By Chris Weller Via Tech Insider

Michael Sng has invented a 3D-printed toy that's part tank, part Godzilla, and capable of shooting ping pong balls from a concealed cannon and walking all on its own.

At Tuesday's TED conference in Vancouver, Sng, a designer and toy maker, showed off the heavy-duty toy.

Called Codename Colossus, it's roughly the size of a infant and built using 435 individually 3D-printed parts. It's fully electronic, fully mechanical, and it's made to order.

It features a rotating turret, spinning Gatling guns, and fully functional windows and doors that conceal tiny operators inside.

"I wanted to push what was possible with 3D printing — and not just to look good on the outside," Sng says. "I wanted people to be able to explore."

Sng spent a year and a half developing the toy, devoting all his free time to coding, programming, and constructing the robot. The Singaporean designer perhaps best known for his line of stick-figure action figures says it became a labor of love.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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