by Adrian Aini February 12, 2016

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Right now 3D printers are whirring away in homes, with design projects in process on desktops around the world. Small business teams set prints up the night before, and engineers come in with their coffee to check them out the next morning. Factories are pumping out automotive and aerospace components. And salons and stylists are busy printing out hair. We threw that zinger in for fun, but it’s true—and while Fast Clips down the street might not be 3D printing out your new do (yet), a number of hair specialists around the world are indeed doing so.

In yet another example of where 3D printing is coming in and saving the day where you least expected it, loss of hair may no longer be a source of emotional distress. From dreadlocks to ducktails, and from buns to beehives, those dead cells growing out of our heads tend to be an enormous part of our identity, and it’s quite amazing really how unique we can make ourselves look due to a different style or color. Taking amazing one step further however, is the idea that you may one day soon just be able to conceptualize a new style for yourself and whip it up on your desktop. This process is evolving quickly thanks to Italian company Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, responsible for the creation of the CNC hair system which we’ve been following as they offer hope to many with their complex, integrated hair replacements that are essentially a 3D printed prosthetic—working as a ‘second scalp.’

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Adrian Aini
Adrian Aini


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