by Mitchel Dumlao January 27, 2016

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Most of the single use plastic that comes into our lives can be recycled, but there are some items like chip and snack bags that can't go in the recycling bin. 3D Brooklyn has partnered with Terracycle, the company known for recycling materials that aren't typically recyclable, to produce something new and useful from that waste plastic.

Terracycle takes the plastic snack bags that they collect and turns them into plastic pellets that they send to 3D Brooklyn where the pellets are then made into an ABS plastic filament.

One of the major criticisms of 3D printing is that it just creates more plastic waste in our lives, especially in the case of failed printings that have to be redone, and that there aren't enough ways to use recycled materials in the process.

We've written before about the Filabot, a desktop plastic recycling system that turns waste household plastic and even botched 3D-printed objects into 3D printer filament at home. That amazing gadget unfortunately also comes with an amazing price tag, costing $949.

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Mitchel Dumlao
Mitchel Dumlao


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